Interview with Abhishek Attri and Shaili Attri, honeymooners in Vietnam

Interview with Abhishek Raut, Saili Raut

Interviewed by Malini Shankar

Digital Discourse Foundation  
What were the reasons for you to choose Vietnam as your honeymoon destination?
We have gone through some travel posts of Vietnam on Social media and got very attracted towards     the same so we confirmed and planned our honeymoon destination accordingly.

   Which were the places you visited in Vietnam?
 We visited Hanoi City, Halong Bay, Sapa, Dong Hoi, Phong Nha National Park, Danang, Bana hills, Ho Chi Minh City, Binh Thuan Province-Taklau resorts.

 When did you visit Vietnam? Which is the best time to visit     Vietnam?
 We have visited in the month of Dec 2018. Nov-Jan is the best          season for visiting Vietnam. 

Tell me what were the activities you took part in, in Vietnam?
City tour, Kayaking, Zip Line, Cave tours, Vax Museum visit, Bana hill visit. 

5.    How long was your stay?
11 nights / 12 days



What do you have to say about Vietnamese food?
   We were not that familiar with Vietnamese food, as we don’t eat anything more than fish and    chicken.   So it was a bit of a culture shock indeed! 


Which are the places you missed and would like to go to again if possible?
Mekong Delta & War Museum.

      Which are the places in Vietnam you would recommend to other travelers?
Sapa, Halong Bay, Bana Hills.

    Did you encounter difficulties on the flights / local flights / surface transport / food / language / cultural differences?
We had faced food & language difficulties the most.

1   Hanoi, Sa Pa and Halong Bay must have been very cold in December… tell us your experience about the cold weather.

It was Amazing experience, we had to buy extra jackets locally to protect us. It was extremely cold and we had lots of fun due to the cold weather!   

       What about Vietnam appealed to you the most? What about Vietnam did you dislike the most?
Vietnamese are very warm and caring, also whole country is very clean and neat. Somewhere we have faced challenge in food items, otherwise all was perfect.     

Will you go again?



  What would be your advice / experience sharing for other aspirant travellers to Vietnam?

We would like to advice that should plan Vietnam trip at least for 10 Nights or more to explore complete Vietnam. Sapa, Halong Bay, Phong Nha national park, Danang & Bana hills are the must visit attractions if you want to explore Vietnam in great detail. So that way one can visit all these places. Also, travellers should carry dry snacks or ready to make food items to avoid food difficulties or gastronomical shocks!     

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