Interview of Manil Joshua, CEO, Founder Member SEDS NGO Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh

  Interview Manil Joshua SEDS Anantapur 1.        What are the rural development initiatives undertaken by SEDS?   ·          Afforestation ·          Vocational Training Programme ·          Food for work programme ·          Self Help Groups for women ·          Water shed programme ·          Dry land horticulture and reforestation ·          Natural Resources Management ·          Safe Drinking Water & Repair of Hand pumps ·          Health and Sanitation Programme ·          Flood relief programme ·          Fish Fingerlings ·          Balwadi Centres ·          Kitchen Gardens ·          Plantation ·          Land and Agricultural Development programme ·          Community organisation ·          Old people programme ·          Sustainable Agriculture ·          Tank Desilting ·          Child Sponsorship programme ·          Education ·          Biogas ·          Low Carbon Farming   2.        How many women have benefited

Interview with Mrs. Neelam Manjunath, CGMBT on bamboo as construction material

Every year we pay lip service to environmental causes by earmarking special events like Water Day, Earth Day, Environment Day, Wildlife Week, Vanamahotsav etc. Earth Day is celebrated or observed on 22nd April every year, so we thought of touching chords by sharing something truly inspiring: Bamboo as construction material. With Government of India recently approving bamboo as construction material, it paves the way to revolutinise construction industry and real estate business by drastically reducing costs, and moreover in the COVID era it affords us more space by reducing costs and literally giving us healthier atmosphere. Malini Shankar of Digital Discourse Foundation caught up with Mrs. Neelam Manjunath , of Centre for  Green  Materials &  Building Technology in Bangalore. She is a leading voice advocating usage of Bamboo in the construction industry.  Here is our expert interview for the Earth Day 2021.   1. What are the indigenous earthen materials that will do well in the c

Interview with Kashmiri journalist on impact of nullification of Article 370

Interview with Umar Shah Kashmiri journalist Digital Discourse Foundation Interviewed by Malini Shankar 1 Umar what did Article 370 mean to the common man in J & K before it was abrogated?   It meant nothing at all. The people of Kashmir were least concerned over the internal autonomy. For them, it is the Indian government which has been ruling them since 1947.     Not even a single person was rejoicing over having own flag, constitution or power to amend the Indian laws. However, if there was anything people were worried about- it was the State Subject Law enacted by the Hindu King of Kashmir- Hari Singh back in 1927. It was later incorporated in the Indian constitution through 1956 presidential order and was known as Article 35-A. This Article was the component of Article 370.     The Article 35-A used to bar outsiders from buying any property in Jammu and Kashmir. For the people, this Article was a shield that used to protect their Muslim majority character.    Even today, if